Adorno, Plato and Kant? More Philosophical Waves

What do Adorno, Plato and Kant have in common? I created public waves for them under the thinknet label today on Google Wave. I am just preparing for the onslaught of people fascinated by the philosophical greats of our tradition, I am sure they are out there somewhere. Build it and they will come. Won’t they? I also contributed to the Husserl wave that someone else created.

I tried something which was to distinguish different types of content by labels like COMMENT, DIALOGUE, TUTORIAL. I am trying to figure out how we might sort out the chatter from the substantive dialog in a wave. There must be a way to get beyond mere chatter. Not that chatter is not nice sometimes, but all the time and unendingly it is a bit much. Look at these waves, even the ones that try to be serious, they are full of chatter which clutters them.


Posted November 23, 2009 by kentpalmer in Uncategorized

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