New Thinknet Gwaves

I created a few more Thinknet Gwaves today.

  • Sociology
  • Nondual Science
  • Zizek
  • Levi
  • Let’s KILL SPAM with Google Wave
  • Sartre
  • Jung Depth Psychology
  • Software Engineering
  • Derrida
  • Merleau-Ponty
  • Badiou
  • Baudrillard

Also I updated the page to directly refer to the new Google Lists that have been created and the Thinknet Philosophy Waves. I also updated the page to refer to the new lists at Gmail and the new Gwaves.

It will be interesting to see whether these Gwaves get used for discussion concerning their subjects, and how that philosophy discussion goes, i.e. if it ever rises above the level of chat.

It is nice to have the opportunity for a new experiment in dialog in this new medium. But given past failures I will be surprised if it works out. But the idea was to get the infrastruture of the waves in place before the flood gates open and everyone else comes in to Google Wave.

By building out this structure I have gotten to know how Google wave works better. I started going in and putting Wikipedia links in so people who do not know the subjects of the Waves can get access to basic information about what they are about.

Also strangely I did not notice the tag feature until late and so I had to go back and put in tags on all the thinknet waves.

Fundamentally this is the same experiment I have tired before, first at STD.WORLD.COM, then on my own webboard, and then on Egroups, and then on Yahoogroups. The idea is to give a wave to each philosopher or subject within philosophy and relate them to each other via the thinknet grouping so there will be recognition that they fit together into a universe of discourse with different strands.

The two questions that will need to be answered is whether there can be sustained conversations in waves or are they only really good for chat. Email lists seemed like a good medium, but they became flooded with spam eventually and degenerated. People wandered off into the narcissistic world of Blogs and Twitter.

I think this will be an interesting test of the new meta-medium that Google has created and it’s capacity for sustaining conversations about serious subjects.


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