thinknet community wave created

Created a Thinknet community wave and here is the initial post.


Thinknet Community Wave—


Discussion of the Thinknet of Waves.


These are mostly waves connected to and But there are also other related waves on subjects of particular to the creator of this set of waves.

The concept is to have waves on specific subjects but which form a family so that those interested in different subjects can interact in different forums on different topics but still be part of an overall community. This was tried first early in the development of the web and has evolved over time resulting finally in the lists at But these lists died of spam overload. So now we try again here in order to see what happens in this new inteegrative medium created by Google called Waves.

The concept is to try to sustain serious and ongoing communication about thinkers in our culture, in this case mostly philosophers. To find the Waves in the family of Philosophy waves search for the key word thinknet.

The website associated with the set of waves is at

The blog associated with the set of waves is at

On twitter the name is @thinknet

What we would like to discuss here is the ongoing status of the itself, and changes that might be needed. Also the question is how Google Wave could better be used, or modified to better support serious ongoing dialog.

Also it is suggested that similar efforts be made in other disciplines to provide topical waves centered around authors of importance or broad key subject areas.

At the moment waves are discipline oriented for the most part. Disciplines are too broad to sustain serious .

Are we destined to only have superficial chat as the limits of our discourse?

Kent Palmer


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