Complete list of Thinknet Waves

I have posted a complete list of thinknet waves at

I guess I just went crazy creating waves but it seemed there were a lot of subjects not opened up yet.

So why not prepare for the influx of the millions who are coming to the Google Wave by being prepared ahead of time.

Is this empire building. I don’t think so since any subject can be duplicated myriad times on many waves where people to not first search with:public term before creating them.

I created a literary resources wave to try to avoid this problem somewhat, as I duplicated some waves when search did not turn up anything at first.

I don’t think search is working completely correctly yet. Things seem to appear then disappear in search.

Anyway it was fun while it lasted. If you find an interesting wave on a discipline or sub-discipline that you think should be listed in my index drop me a line and i will try to add it.



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