Creativity and Emergence

Human Creativity Wave: Palmer Thoughtlet-0001: Creativity and Emergence

I am interested in Human Creativity in relation to Emergence and to the background in society that stifles that creativity more than it is fostered. My first Ph.D. I wanted to be on the Sociology of Creativity. But at that time there was no literature on that subject to draw on so I did my Ph.D. on Emergence instead. But my professor David Martin was an expert in Religion and one of his themes was how the religious structures of society channeled the Sacred into society and when I was working with him he had a manuscript where he explained how that worked, i.e. how the architecture of churches and the church hierarchy played a role in segregating the sacred from the mundane world and how that is what made it sacred. My idea was to develop a similar theory for creativity and how it was channeled into society by social structures, and how the anti-creative structures of society are precisely the background that makes visible creativity. In the end I did my Ph.D on Emergence which is an idea of G.H. Mead which is about how the new comes into the world. Emergence may be brought about by an act of Creativity against the background of the Anti-creative. But Emergence is different because it is something that changes the landscape in which creativity can occur in the future, by wiping out the old structures of society and instituting new structures in their place. In the new Emergent era what is creative and what is stifling creativity can change. G.H. Mead says that an Emergent event changes the possibilities to be realized in the Future, causes us to rewrite History, and changes what can actually be done in the present. And I add to that it changes the mythos associated with those changes in logos. Thus Emergence is in some ways a deeper phenomena that conditions both creativity and anti-creative forces exerted by society by which the creative is channeled like the sacred into our society and thus our culture.


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