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In the Wave you have Wavelets and Blips. So I am thinking that there is something between Tirades or Flames or Pontifications or what have you, i.e. long messages, and Chat. Waves are mostly Chat. There are very few long messages. But it seems to me that there is not enough substance in the Waves because of the prevalence of Chat brought on by the realtime nature of Wave technology. Waves are also suppose to be like Wikis but I do not see much of that sort of modification going on in the Waves I visit. They are treated as if they were static chat conversations mostly. And when I visit a wave and write long posts there is no response. Many times it stops conversation completely. So I have had the idea of Thoughtlets. Hopefully they will LET more serious thought occur. The idea of thoughtlets is that they give some organization to the conversation in Waves by having some substance around which the chat can swirl, yet not be so long as to cause the conversation to lapse. Of course this is an experiment. One in a continuing set of experiments to try to see if this new technology can support more serious thought. Some people are already doing their own thoughtlets in their posts, but this is merely a formalization of that. Thoughtlets are meant to be self contained content inserted into the chat stream in order to provoke comments, and perhaps even others to create their own thoughtlets. Nice thing about thoughtlets is that I can write them in Word and then also post them to my blog, and they do not have to carry the context of the wave with them, as occurs when I take wave entries and directly post them to my blog. And Word does the spell checking that is missing in the Wave. Take your wave posts and spell check them in word and you will find that there are major problems with Wave spell checking. So the thoughtlet also serves to bridge between the world of waves and the world of blogs.


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