A book that changed my life

A book that changed my life wave

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Being and Time by Heidegger along with Phenomenology of Perception and The Visible and the Invisible by Merleau Ponty. The whole Western worldview spins around the unfinished book by Merleau-Ponty, indefinitely postponed by his death in a car accident.

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But you may ask, how can a Philosophy book change your life? I was taking East Asian Studies courses from Alfonso Verdu at Kansas University which was my major interest. Then I took his courses on Husserl and Heidegger. Reading Being and Time and understanding it with the help of my professor sent me into studying Western Philosophy after my intense interest in Eastern Philosophy which I was preparing to specialize in. But at some point I realized that if I did not understand the philosophy from my own tradition how could I understand the philosophy from other traditions, and so I started focusing more and more on Western mostly at first to avoid Orientalism, (Cf. Said). But when it came to going to Graduate school I decided to go to England rather than Japan and ended up studying much more Western Philosophy. In the course of that I read Phenomenology of Perception which was a psychological interpretation of Being and Time by Merleau-Ponty and then his unfinished book called The Visible and Invisible, where he defines Wild being as the dual of Hyper Being, which are in turn the dual of Pure and Process Being dealt with by Heidegger in Being and Time as present-at-hand and ready-to-hand modalities of dasein as being-in-the-world. In doing this Merleau-Ponty opened up the understanding of the Face of the World that appears when an Emergent Event occurs which I wrote about in my first Dissertation at LSE 1982. Understanding the structure of the Western worldview has led to a fascinating life-long intellectual adventure, the texts associated with which can be seen as http://works.bepress.com/kent_palmer. It turns out that by reading the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty and the rest of Continental Philosophy back into mythology of the Western worldview we can see these kinds of Being are clearly present in myths. I call this type of analysis ontomythology. The myths then become a handbook for living in the Western worldview and tell us much about its structure, which is mostly unknown to those who live within the western worldview.

think deeply the significance of Merleau-Ponty’s discovery of Wild Being beyond Derrida’s Differance or Hyper Being has the potential to change all our lives, because knowing the structure of the Indo-European and thus the Western worldview which is world dominant has profound for our lives.

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