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Responding to the idea that Logic only needs and, or and not for its minimal instantiation I said .  . .

Of course, logicians are fond of saying you only need three operations. I like the symmetry of four. It allows me to have a tetrahedra rather than a triangle. It means there is some space in there between the operations which is easier to visualize, but a triangle is just as meaningful. Point is that there is discontinuity between the operations not explained by logic itself. By meta-logic I merely mean it exceeds logic, not necessarily a meta-language.

As a contrarian I don’t believe that Emptiness is merely the brain shutting down or going into diagnostic mode. But I like your analogy. Emptiness is a thought, but a very speical reflexive thought which is immanent. I would call it something like a realization.

Lets go at this from another direction. Lets say we are talking about a pair of opposites of significance. Let us pick separation and gatheredness. If you are in separation then the tendency is to go toward its opposite which is gatheredness. But actually what you want to do is go to a point beyond “both separation and gatheredness”, and “neither separation nor gatheredness”. That is an unthinkable point beyond the distinction, or prior to the arising of the distinction. This is why Buddhists talk of non-arising and not-perishing. Aristotle wants to apply the excluded middle and separate separation and gatheredness completely from each other. He wants to say that nothing can be both separated and gathered at the same time. When we mix the two opposites that is what we call contradiction, and when it is intensified we call it absurdity. But this leaves out a state which we normally do not see exemplified in Western literature which I call the supra-rational. That is when two opposite things are true at the same time without conflicting, without contradiction. Supra-rationality is when one can be gathered and separated at the same time without interference.

Two examples of that are the pearl and the coral stone. In the pearl there is gatheredness around a central irritant which has been covered over to produce layers around that central imperfection. The coral stone is the opposite it is myriads of the shells of creatures that are glued together to produce shapes. In the first case gatheredness predominates and in the latter separation dominates. But both of these natural forms are combinations of separation and gatheredness in different ways that lead to higher order synthesis, and non-interference to produce very beautiful shapes in nature. But also there can be chaotic mixtures or solutions which are both separation and gatheredness at the same time in a fusion. This is the other end of the spectrum where paradox and absurdity reside.

But lets go up a level. What we really want is something which is beyond/before


Both and Neither

When we look at Plato’s divided line we see that it is cut into two parts doxa and ratio. Paradox and Suprarational are the limits of the Divided line. Our culture is blind to the supra-rational and obsessed with paradox and absurdity. All reason is against paradox without realizing its own limit in the supra-rational.

The divided line is itself divided again in each of its sections.

Doxa is divided into grounded and ungrounded parts, i.e. true belief and mere opinion or appearance.

Ratio is divided into representational and non-representational forms of reason.

I make the point in my writings that the divisions of the divided line are not normally identified. I identify the line of division of ratio with emptiness and the line of the division of doxa with void.

I like to say that Buddhism and Taoism are duals of each other and emptiness and void are dual interpretations of empty or void existence.

If we recognize that emptiness not only has recursive modalities but also a dual in the void, then we can begin to see that there is something deeper than these dual forms of nonduality, which I call “manifestation”, using a term from M. Henry who takes it from Meister Eckhart. And this manifestation is smack dab in the center of the dividied line as the line that divides ratio from doxa.

It is manifestation that BEYOND/BEFORE neither Supra-rational nor Paradoxical.

It is manifestation that is BEYOND/BEFORE both Supra-rational and Paradoxical.

I call this the deeper nondual. Deeper than both Emptiness and Void and their nondual duality.

The deeper nondual drives us into the middle way between the extremes.

Buddhists deny that the external world exists and think that everything is consciousness. Taoists believe that consciousness, social reality, and nature is all one thing. Each of them discovers the supra-rational, the fragmentation of division with reason itself, where it points beyond its own representations. Folding the symbols back on themselves a Godel did with diagonalization is not enough, even though it is a neat trick. We need to come to terms with non-representational reason. That is what thinks beyond the representations. For Plato this is the largest part of the divided line. Where the so-called Source Forms live. We have very little in our culture that talks about the non-representational part of reason. But even if we did that is merely another extreme.

If we want to avoid all extremes then we must drive to the middle where the deeper nondual of manifestation lies prior to the fabrication of all the nihilistic extremes.


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