Quora answer: What is reality? Where does the reality exist?

There are four aspects to Being in the Greek language and those are Reality, Truth, Presence, and Identity. Turns out that these aspects also apply to existence and other standings with respect to things in the world. Some languages like Arabic combine them so there is a term Haqq that means both reality and truth together. But in general you cannot talk about one aspect without implying the other aspects at the same time because they are all co-related to each other intrinsically because they are part of both Being and Existence and are thus more fundamental than either of those standings. In general a Formal System is related to truth, presence and identity through the properties of well-formedness, consistency and completeness. When you add reality to the formal system you bring it into juxtaposition with the world so that it is no longer isolated, and at the same time you generate meaning because the formal system is contrast to what actually exists in the world. This generates three new properties which are verifiability, validity, and coherence. We can say that reality is usually associated with a testing regime in which we test our formal systems in their relation to things that actually exist in the world and we look for verifiability, validity, and coherence with respect to that juxtaposition.


Reality is thus an aspect of Being and Existence along with Truth, Presence and Identity. Basically if you take away these aspects there is hardly anything left. Those aspects are related to their counter aspects, i.e. illusion, fiction, difference and absence. Being both aspects and counter aspects. The Quintessence is both aspect and counter-aspect while existence is neither aspect nor counter aspect.
Reality is a part of existence, and so it cannot exist outside of existence which is what is found and not projected, or Being which is the a priori and a posteriori projections we fabricate.

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