Quora answer: Which is more important: content or design?

I would like to introduce the idea of General Schemas Theory, which is the next level of abstraction up from General Systems Theory and covers other schemas besides systems such as form, pattern, domain and world. For an introduction to schemas see Umberto Eco’s Kant and the Platypus. In that book he defines Mathematical and Geometrical schemas which is what I mean when I use the word schema. Turns out that Schemas Theory has not been invented previously. You can read about it at http:\\archonic.net and http://holonomic.net. But when we move up to that level of abstraction we see that designs are purely schematic projections, and that since schemas have different scopes and are nested, the content of one design at a particular schematic level, has content of the next lower schematic level. And this means that Designs and Content are the same thing only at different schematic levels.




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