Quora answer: Does Zero really exist? Is it an essential part of our number system?

Zero not only exists it is a nondual interpretation of existence in its even (emptiness) and odd (void) forms. There are two interpretations of existence one that says only physical nature exists based on the singular of spacetime (eg. Taoists). The other says that only consciousness exists (eg. Buddhism). So there are two nonduals and these are the two versions of zero. When you look at Pascal’s triange you can see that there is the zero before the first one, and there are the zeros that are the spaces in all the other lines, such as that between one and one in the second line. This difference between the primordial zero before one arises and the zero as place holder within a configuration of positive elements is fundamental. We see it in set theory between the null set and the empty set. These are interpreted as one and zero, but they are really two kinds of zero. There is the zero prior to all numbers including one, and the zero that is a place holder.


According to set theory, if it is the foundation of math., then zero is essential to the definition of math itself.



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