Quora answer: Is there such a thing as the difference between even and odd zero?

My own answer to this question is that if you look at pascal’s triangle there is the zero before the first one in the first line, and then there is the zero that is beween the two ones in the second line which is usually represented as a blank space. The zero before the arising of one is odd and it is equivalent to the Taoist idea of void. And there is an even zero between the two ones in the second line of pascal’s triangle and that is the same as the Buddhist idea of emptiness. Thus there are two dual nonduals which are different from each other. Spacetime itself with nothing in it is Void. When it shows up between the spokes of a wheel or in the concave space within a bowl then we see how that space can be useful. For instance as a tunnel is useful to get to the other side of a mountain with the least effort. But if you have a configuration of things then emptiness is the space between the configured things, like the spaces in the pascal triangle, which only have their unique identity from the the whole configuration. This type of emptiness has different valued depending on the type of configuration that has places in it that are empty. Thus emptiness is striated and void is unstriated, i.e. there are different kinds of emptiness but only one kind of void which is identical to the singular of unoccupied spacetime. Void is for Kant the first a priori projection that conditions all others. Plato calls it the receptacle or chora in the Timaeus. Both emptiness and void are useful but in different ways. One is tied to the configuration in which the gaps appear and the other is independent of any configuration at all and is prior to the appearance of any configuration, like the zero before the first line of the pascal triangle.




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