Quora answer: How can an ordinary person obtain enlightenment?

There is no ordinary person. Each person is extra-ordinary because of the uniqueness of themselves and their circumstance. Enlightenment only means realizing the emptiness of existence and that it is based on interpenetration, and in interpenetration these differences and their variety is what matters as aggregates flow in an ever changing flux. What is ordinary at least in the Western worldview is the projection of Being as a gloss on our experience, abstracting it from ourselves and in the process becoming disconnected from our own lives as we live them. Each realization we have concerning ourselves is a little bit of enlightenment. So bit by bit we come to know ourselves better and as we do that we find that they do not actually exist and that all that does exist is the bedrock of existence which is what we find before us at the moment without all the projections that we make on it. So by eliminating projected illusion bit by bit we become more enlightened than we already are, but in truth enlightenment is really our ground state, and it is only an illusion that we are not enlightened just as it is an illusion that we are ordinary.




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