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Truth is an aspect of Being and Existence along with Identity, Reality and Presence. Buddhism propounds that there are Two Truths, one which is perfect and the other which is imperfect. Enlightenment is insight into this perfect truth, which is that Existence is Empty. The perfect truth of the emptiness of existence applies to both truth and falsehood. So it is a way of referring to a meta-truth about truth itself. Other examples of meta-truth is Nietzsche’s claim that all truths are lies, in effect trying to annihilate the opposite aspects with each other. He also claims that truth is a woman which is metaphoric and not a meta-truth. On the other hand I claim that the Western worldiview has different meta-levels of truth that correspond to the meta-levels of Being. Thus there is Pure Truth (verification), Process Truth (Seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ale…), Hyper Truth, Wild Truth, and Ultra Truth.

The higher order levels of truth are obscure so I won’t try to explain them here. Being is striated into meta-levels but Existence is unstriated and so it has no meta-levels. However, negation does have meta-levels as Chaucer showed by writing a sentence with five negations in it. In English each negation level used to mean something different, but that was squelched by the idea that two negatives make a positive that came later from logic. So we can speculate that there are meta-levels of non-existence. Since Buddhism interprets existence as emptiness the second level of non-existence would be the emptiness of emptiness. The third level of non-existence would be that pointed to by Manjushrimitra in DzogChen. [And there may be other higher levels of Non-existence. We would expect there to be five just like Being but I won’t go into what they are here in order to reduce the complexity of this entry. So I leave that as an exercise to the student. But I contend that the next meta-level of non-existence provokes a new turning of the Wheel of Buddhism. In other words it calls for a new emergent ordering within Buddhism.] However since there are meta-levels of negation and thus non-existence then we can expect that as we go up them we gain perfection in relation to the truth and the other aspects of Existence. In fact that is what enlightenment is all about, the climbing of the stairway to nowhere step by step to realize higher states of the comprehension of Existence.

For example at the DzogChen level the difference between Emptiness of Buddhism and the Void of Taoism is erased. It is practiced by Buddhists and Bon practitioners alike. Thus the next level of Non-existence beyond DzogChen must be reaching into a deeper nondual state than that propounded by DzogChen. The question we should all be asking ourselves is what is this deeper and thus more perfect state of enlightenment beyond DzogChen. It must be noted that DzogChen is a heresy to Buddhism which negates the two truths. So at the third level we lose the ability to distinguish between normal consciousness and Enlightenment, but that Primordial Experience is that comes from losing the distinction we made originally in order to gain entry to enlightenment is somehow a deeper state of insight and realization than Buddhist enlightenment itself. And one way it is deeper is that it goes beyond the distinction between Emptiness and Void which is the distinction that separates Buddhism from Taoism (Bon). It is a higher synthesis because it removes the conflict between these two viewpoints and builds a bridge between their differing interpretations of Existence.

So absolutely Perfect Truth is that which would be encountered at the Fifth Meta-level of Non-Existence. When you have both anti-aspect and aspect you have the Quintessence. Existence is neither Aspect nor Anti-aspect which is the door to Nonduality. When we interpret Existence as Emptiness or Void we are attributing nonduality to it. The best book to understand what that is is the book calledNonduality by David Loy. The quintessence at the fifth meta-level of Being is a singularity. So Existence at the fifth meta-level of Being must be the opposite of the Singularity. The opposite of the singularity has been called a white hole, in other words it is a release of fullness rather than the consumption of everything. In the Gnostic tradition that was called the Pleroma which means fullness. It is all the striated and unstriated opposites. For instance Being is striated but Existence is unstriated. However, negation is striated, while positivity is unstriated. Seems counterintuitive doesn’t it? So we will tentatively call this the Fullness of the Pleroma. However that is obvious that the Pleorma is dualistic because it has myriad Striated and Unstriated pairs within it. So what is the these to deeper nonduals that are at the level of Wild Being and Ultra Being but on the side of Non-existence, i.e. in Non-Being. I call them Manifestation and the Amanifest. But these are just names what we are really interested in is the what their standing toward Existence reveals about phenomena. And we want to know how this relates to the Perfected Aspects like Perfect Truth.

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