Quora answer: What is truth?

In the ancient Greek language and probably other Indo-european languages there are four aspects of Being which are Truth, Reality, Presence and Identity. These four aspects are transformed as we move up the meta-levels of Being. This is something that is not generally known, so truth is implicated in reality, identity and presence because they are the various aspects of Being. In other words Truth gets its meaning from its difference from the other three aspects of Being. But further more Truth also is implicated along with the other kinds of being in Existence (Non-Being). So the aspects of Being are more universal than Being itself.

At the first level Truth is verification of what is written or said against the context or circumstances within which that utterance or inscription takes place.

At the second level Truth is the process of uncovering what is hidden. Heidegger points out that the Greek word for truth: aletheia means this.

As you keep going up the meta-levels of Being the notions of truth get more dense and obscure.

So the nature of truth changes depending on what meta-level of Being (or Existence) you are talking about.

This is why there is so much confusion over the meaning of Truth, because it actually has very different meanings at the various meta-levels of Being.

But if we were to ask what is the ultimate meaning of truth then we must say that it is an aspect of Being along with the other aspects, and its meaning comes from the difference and similarity of truth with the other aspects which also change their meaning depending on what meta-level of Being you are talking about.



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