Quora answer: How valuable is Cognician (cognician.com) as a thinking and brainstorming tool?

I tried it and it does not seem very interesting, as it just asks a series of questions that you can respond to to refine your thoughts on something. Checklists are good. (See Checklist Manifesto: http://www.amazon.com/Checklist-…). But following checklists should not be mistaken for thinking. So I would not say it is useless, but probably nearly so unless they are planning something a little more dynamic, in the future.

Let us talk about thinking for a moment. Heidegger is the best example I know of as a philosopher who opens up his own thinking process to his readers. And he describes thinking as a path, through the forest. In other words it is exploratory, not following someones lead, but finding your own way.

There are art history courses and there are art schools. There is no equivalent for philosophy, or thinking. Philosophy in University is basically the equivalent of the history of art programs. So when it comes to learning to think you are on your own. Best thing to do is to read a lot about what fascinates you, and then think about it actively, with no checklist before you, but openly exploring and blazing your own trails.




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