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For instance there are some models of the universe in which there needs to be a second universe which only shares gravity with our universe, in that case dark matter could be things in the other dual universe. But what is not understood well, is that the multiverse should not be considered to be just the universe schema at a higher level of abstraction, i.e. a universe of universes (like a system of systems), but rather the pluriverse must be a meta-system, or meta-universe in the sense that I have outlined in General Schemas Theory, in other words it must be an “operating system” (universal Turing machine) for the universes (Turing machines) it contains. David Deutsch is planning to take advantage of the fact that there can be multiple Turing machines in different dimensions that are super-positioned in our universe at the quantum level to do computation across multiple universes simultaneously. Although these are outside our experience, per se (because we are trapped by the speed of light and are only in one universe) we can by analogy with other schemas say something about the relation between the two schemas because they are like the other schemas in the “S1” hypothesis for General Schemas Theory. One thing about General Schemas Theory is that each schema is composed by the conjunction of the schemas adjacent to it, so for instance the system as gestalt is a conjunction of a form (figure) and meta-system (ground).

So General Schemas theory hypothesis S1 points to the fact that Deutsch might be right, because what is added to the universe to get the pluriverse is the superposition and entanglement of facets. General Schemas Theory hypothesis S1 also tells us that there are two dimensions per schema and two schemas per dimension. Thus General Schemas Theory can help us to understand the nature of the pluriverse in relation to the universe, based on the analogy with the other schemas within the hierarchy of scopes of schemas of different kinds. So although we perhaps do not know about the pluriverse from our ability to see what is happening outside our universe (the place where the dark matter comes from), we can at least understand better our own a priori projections that produce the template of understanding that we call the univserse (kosmos) and pluriverse. Therefore we should not consider it something beyond our reach, but something that comes from within us in the ecstasy by which we project our world, and all the other schemas that General Schemas Theory hypothesis “S1” necessitate as the basis of our experience (

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