LinkedIn Systems Thinking World Thread: diachronic gestalt = temporal gestalt

What are the synergies between Systems Thinking (ST) and Process Thinking (PT)? Are ST and PT in conflict or they can enhance each other?


Kent Palmer • Let me continue my exposition. Because once you accept that there is a difference that makes a difference between gestalt/system and flow/process (percept/concept), then we can go a step further and consider synchronic and diachronic versions of each. And one of those cases the diachronic gestalt, is very interesting. I have found only two articles that mention this as a possibility in the literature (if you know of more please let me know). Basically this is a temporal gestalt, i.e. it takes time for the gestalt to form. One of the references applies this idea to music, where you can only really appreciate a given riff within a musical piece by looking at it in the context of the whole composition. There are many things that take time to be what they are. This is G.H. Mead way of thinking about things as temporal nexes. I call these “eventities” which I got from someone but I don’t remember the source. For Wm. James this is related to the Species Present. In the temporal gestalt we see how the gestalt and flow become intertwined and inseparable. Any gestalt takes some time to look at and thus see, but some things take time to be what they are, for instance a spinor.


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