LinkedIn Systems Thinking World Thread: gestaltflow or process-system like spacetime

What are the synergies between Systems Thinking (ST) and Process Thinking (PT)? Are ST and PT in conflict or they can enhance each other?

Kent Palmer • I think there are several different things that are being conflated here. We need to realize that systems we build in systems engineering and the processes by which we build them are just one example of myriads of different manifestations of systems and processes. What we need to do to my mind is understand at a basic level what the difference is between a system and a process. And sure they are the same thing ultimately, i.e. like spacetime, but the difference between process and system is an actual difference that makes a difference as Bateson would say, just like the phase spaces of space and time are different from different frames of reference with respect to some interval in Relativity theory. From a phenomenological point of view we can see the difference between system and process, as I have said it is the difference between Being and Becoming. But the ultimate definition of that difference is by Heidegger in Being and Time as the difference between Present-at-hand and Ready-to-hand.This is rooted in Husserl’s notion of the difference between Ideas and Essences. In other words this difference is a very deep one from a philosophical perspective, it is the difference between Parmenides and Heraclitus within the Philosophical Tradition. So this is a deep difference regardless of the fact that these two modalities are considered eqiprimordial by Heideger and part of the same Monolithic structure of Being which M. Henry criticizes Heidegger for.


Kent Palmer • See also A tutorial on Advanced Process Architectures at



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